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jabbinjuggs [userpic]


June 4th, 2007 (07:40 am)

current mood: sad

Days pass, months pass, years pass but the one thing that hurts me more than seeing Father time creep behind me is the death of a friend or loved one.

And you don't see it coming.

Friday night at class is open mat. A heap of guys come together each Friday night to wrestle hard for an hour straight. We train hard but to me, it seems like it's our way of doing Friday afternoon drinks at the pub like other males. We talk training, we talk techniques, we talk about girls and well,..we just talk. We enjoy our 1 hour, bond and become close friends. We leave each week saying "See you next Friday" thinking and believing just that,..

Except next week I won't see Adam "Chuck" at training anymore. He died in a motorcycle accident yesterday. I was JUST wrestling, talking and laughing with him like 2 days ago.




I'll miss him alot.

It's hard to get up today,..but I must.

The day starts now.

To Be Continued,..

- Juggs

jabbinjuggs [userpic]


December 9th, 2006 (09:08 am)

current mood: blah
current song: Sekiden - Junior Fiction

Did you ever notice the weird sensation that is the odd, often half retarded and cockeye'd, guy that is obsessed with McCaulay Culkin films?? It's David Lynch weird AND world wide!


- Work's busy...and draining.
- Editings going good,...real good.
- Japan'd be better,...real better.

To Be Continued,...

- Juggs

jabbinjuggs [userpic]


November 15th, 2006 (06:37 am)

current mood: worried
current song: Saul Jarvie's Under and Among album

"PANIC ATTACK - A panic attack is a period of intense, often temporarily disabling sense of extreme fear or psychological distress, typically of abrupt onset. Symptoms may include trembling, shortness of breath, heart palpitations, chest pain, sweating, nausea, dizziness (or slight vertigo), hyperventilation, paresthesias (tingling sensations), and sensations of choking or smothering. During a panic attack, the body typically releases large amounts of adrenaline into the bloodstream. Many first time sufferers of a panic attack believe they are dying or going insane."


I was having a nice day off at home editing away and I thought, I need to leave the house to get some food for dinner and pay the bills, so I strolled over to Pac Fair and the second I got inside the place, I felt nausea, dizziness and yes trembling in my hands. My first thoughts were,..shit! I want out of this place. Let's hurry up, pay the fucking bills, get the food and go! So I did. And the minute I stepped out of the place I felt calm again.

Why's this?

On other thoughts...I've got a good groove on in the editing department. Just need to make time to do it. Hard lately to make the time.

To Be Continued,...

- Juggs

jabbinjuggs [userpic]


November 1st, 2006 (09:42 am)

current mood: drained
current song: listen to the link....ya dumbass ;P

If I was to be in another band again,...

I'd hope we were as amazing as this..


Had this album for ages...and it still kills my heart.




To Be Continued,..

- Juggs

jabbinjuggs [userpic]


November 1st, 2006 (08:09 am)

current mood: tired
current song: Yo La Tengo


Some days,..you're living the days..

Some days,.. you're just living.

Let's leave it at that hey,..

To Be Continued,...

- Juggs

PS : Modest Mouse, Brisbane, Jan 2007...got my ticket.

jabbinjuggs [userpic]


October 23rd, 2006 (09:16 pm)

current mood: cold
current song: Guy Clark - LA Freeway (loving him lately)


Quick update cause I got to be at work in 20 minutes....ouch!


Shit seems to roll in funny circle doesn't it? Like when you throw an old dried up cow patty and when it lands you don't know where it'll roll to.

- Evette got a new job! A kickass job with some Gov funded place doing counciling and shit for teenagers and families who are fucked up (well I don't know...really). So happy for her...she deserves it so much after her hard work at Uni.
- Our friggin' car died on us!...just a month after we paid the friggin thing off!...damn it! $1250 more in the mechanics beer jar and it's rollin' with the homies again.
- Work's starting to get a "groove on" as they say. I think I'm finding a rythme. Just need to get through the stocktake this coming Tuesday without any hassle and BAM!...ass slidin' all the way to Christmas.
- Went and saw Sekiden and the Meanies play last Sat with Evette, Kat and Joel. Was awesome...we got messed up on wacky pop, wrote off the support band which had a drummer with one arm and a singer with one eye!...shit you not...would of been cool except they were terrible. God Joel and I are funny when we've had a few...ha ha.
- I AIN'T STUCK ANYMORE!! I'm editing! Last night I finished editing a part for my doco. I rough cut edited the Ryan Bow interview and I think it looks good. Only problem now is I have loaded only 5 tapes of footage onto the computer and already, I know I ain't going to be able to load the rest onto the computer. 6 tapes to load and not enough space. I think I'm going to have to do it the hard way. Actually I have 2 options...buy another external hard drive (which I don't have the cash for) or edit it in parts, save the parts onto tape, then delete the parts,..to keep enough gig on the computer to work.


I also need to buy Motion for the MAC too soon. Ouch!

Departed is great.
Da Vinci is not.
Benchwarmers is good.
Poseidon is...what you expect.
Who's Afraid Of Virgina Wolf is amazing! (what I sw of it)
Burn To Shine 2 is mind blowingly good (music series)
Suburbia is fantastic (even thou commentary stinks like old nanna socks)

To Be Continued...

- Juggs

jabbinjuggs [userpic]


October 12th, 2006 (12:13 pm)
current song: Archer Prewitt - Felling Like A Good Man

Well...I got nothing to say recently,...but now,..I got something to say.

Tonight at class myself and my LONG time training friend AAA both received our purple belts in BJJ! We were both utterly surprised and totally not expecting it. We knew two other guys were getting their blue belts but had NO idea we were getting our purple belt.

Totally shocked!

But totally happy as well.


To Be Continued,..

- Juggs

jabbinjuggs [userpic]


October 11th, 2006 (08:33 pm)

current mood: hopeful
current song: Rocket From The Crypt - Scream Dracula Scream

"Update ya bastard!" is the word on the street so here it goes..

I'm stuck..

I'm stuck in the lonesome world of the obscured "writers block" editor frame of mind.

I've been home from Japan this Saturday three weeks and well..I can't get started on the editing of the film I went there to shoot. I've been slowly looking at the footage I shot and am happy with the results of the trip but I can't seem to get started on the editing. I have the infamous writers block curse at the moment.


What does one do? I've been listening to alot of music because it gives me a mood to edit to and it also sets the pace to what your scene will be. Music,..is an integral part of filmmaking that alot of filmmakers gravely dismiss as just another part of the process. I personally think it's a HUGE part of a great film. Take a look at some of your fav film sometime and check out the music...I bet it is a huge part of the scenes you love. I could rattle off a number of my fav films and the scenes that are amazing due to the music...but...I'd rattle on for awhile.

I've also been watching alot of doco's and films that inspire me to try and get me started but,..no luck just yet. I love skateboard dvd's (especially ones involving Spike Jonze, Ty Evans, Gonz and so on) cause they seem to reflect a feeling of freedom, rebellion, ambition and self discovery which is what I want to portray in my doco's on MMA in Tokyo. And they have kickass style and amazing music. I've ALWAYS said skateboarders are WAY ahead of most trends especially fashion and music. I remember watching a skate video once and listening to Bloc Party on the soundtrack and then BAM!..the next year they were huge!

I want to make the best doco I can. I want it to make people think.."Damn!..This guy had a blast in Tokyo!..I wanna go now". I want people to want to be eager to see another one. Basically..I guess,..I want it to be fucking great. Not ok,..fucking amazing.

I want to blow minds..


Here I sit...

I hope I post again soon and I've begun work..

To Be Continued,..

- Juggs

jabbinjuggs [userpic]


September 20th, 2006 (09:20 pm)
current song: Arcade Fire

Really..I wish it didn't.

Our last night in Tokyo was spent unplanned, drinking beers in Inokashira Koen with our new friends Darin and Kat (and dear old friend Martine of course) till past 3am. We were so tired from the days last minute filming, shopping, and goodbyes but,..you just can't pass these kinds of options up when on trips like this. The memories are worth the lack of sleep. And I'm glad we did it. It was a fitting end to an amazing trip.

Summary of the trip?...

It couldn't of been anymore smoothly run. I was extremely lucky to get everything I wanted filmed (you always want more film but,...), met some of my heros, trained with some of the best fighters on the planet, and met some life long new friends. I couldn't have asked for much more. I did doubt for a while wheather I'd get all I needed filmed for this documenatry. I had such high expectations of myself and my ambition for this doco, I was unsure if it would go so smoothly but with the BIG help from friends,..it was more than I asked for.


I'd like to thank everybody who helped me out in anyway during this trip. Without your help,..it would of been alot harder. I'm not going to name names, you know who you are, so,..thank you from the bottom of my heart.

I love you all,..

To Be Continued,..

- Juggs

PS : Where's Sherwyn????? Clerks 2 is quite fantastic!...I think we should consider buying our own Quick Stop,...

jabbinjuggs [userpic]


September 20th, 2006 (09:19 pm)

current mood: chipper
current song: Arcade Fire

FRIDAY - So it's our last night in Tokyo before we fly back home to Australia tomorrow evening. I had my last of the filming schedule to film today and it was timed beautifully in with SMACKGIRL. I headed to Suidobashi station area earlier in the afternoon so I could film the "easter eggs" for the DVD and to shop for some last minute MMA goodies. I spent WAY too much time (hours actually!) in the shops blowing the last of my Yen and headed to FITNESS last to pick up the Imanari instructional DVD for Zowie and Zviggy before crossing the bridge to go see the SMACKGIRL show at Korakuen Hall.

I walk into Fitness with my missus (who is the worst person at blowing money on the last day of a trip...BAD influence she is!) and this guy in a beanie hiding what could only be huge messed up ears walks in behind us. Now almost any day you can walk into Fitness and some pro will be working the till. Last trip it was Hironaka Kuniyoshi, this trip I notice Eiji Mitsuoka punching the numbers.

Now I came into Fitness, running late for SMACKGIRL, with an agender. That agender was to purchase 2 dvds. The Best Of Contenders and Demolition (2003 and onwards) for me and the said Imanari dvd for Z & Z. I pick them both up, hum and ha over getting the Rumina Collection as well, and notice that the beanie wearing cat is eyeing me off. I think it's just a gaijin in a kakutogi shop thing and leave thinking nothing of it.

With missus in tow,..we both race to catch SMACKGIRL. We both enjoyed it alot and it was again a who's who of Japanese pro's in the house again. Josh Barnett, sporting 2 MASSIVE black eyes, Megumi Fujii, Abe Ani, Shinya Aoki (God I love that cat!) and more. It was during a match I noticed Shinya Aoki and that said beanie wearing guy cornering one of the girls. After the match,..he sat in the row opposite us and I kept thinking,..what's with this cat?

Anyway,..cutting it short,..I just got home (to Australia) and was unpacking my seriously sweet hord of MMA swag and looked at the back of the Imanari dvd and notice a picture of him and Shinya Aoki on the back. Then it hit me like a tone of bricks!!...the beanie guy WAS Imanari and he was watching me purchase HIS instructional!! That's why he was all weird around me in Fitness and at SMACKGIRL! I can't believe I noticed him NOW,..at home!

Thought you'd like that story Zowie. And it's true!

To Be Continued,..

- Juggs

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